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Admissions Policy

The University takes full cognisance of the fact that it receives applicants of different needs from time to time. Therefore, we ensure that we treat each applicant with the unique attention they deserve. This is backed, in one way by our recognition and provision for various levels of applicants such as school leaver entry, mature entry and other special categories.

Once a student has been admitted to our university, we endeavour to provide all the academic and professional support that, in our belief will result in a highly motivated, intellectually sound and academically focused student. In line with this expectation, the university takes in interest in not only the high school or entry grades but also other attributes which in our judgment, contributes to a sound total person.

The Application Process


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Interviewing Process



Interviewing Process



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Guiding Principle

It is the strategic desire of the Chaz University to admit a crop of students that is socially and economically ready to contribute to the moral, social and economic development of the country Zambia and beyond.

Statement on non-discrimination

As a university anchored on strong Christian values, the Chaz University holds every human being as having been created by God.  Human diversity is therefore respected without challenge. As such the university does not discriminate anybody based on any characteristics such as, sex, age, race, religion or physical disability.

When To Apply?

Application Deadline Decision
Early Decision 1 November 1 December 15
Early Decision 2 January 1 February 15
Regular Decision January 1 April 1

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents not submitted through the online method can be mailed to:

Chaz Complex
Plot# 2882/B/5/10
P.O Box 34511
Mission Drive, Waterfalls Off Great East Road