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Chaz's History

The Churches Health Association has from inception of the Association conducted capacity building short courses for the Mission Hospitals, supported human resource development, and facilitated post Grade 12 training for many vulnerable children.  This has undoubtedly contributed to equipping people with life skills and exposed many young people to want to go and serve in the remote and hard to reach areas of Zambia.  Consequently, the Mission hospitals established a name as a place where the poor and vulnerable people in remote Zambia could find both physical and emotional healing in an environment of love and care.  Riding on the successes scored in the health sector and the positive indicators arising from the support rendered in facilitating training, in 2017 the Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) planned on establishing and run a university persuaded by the need to train health care workers especially for the Church Health Institutions (CHIs). Over the past few years, the Association has reviewed the CHAZ position into provision of higher education, evaluated developments in higher education sector and the value proposition that the proposed University brings to CHAZ, the Association has adopted an approach to strengthen CHAZ position as a strategic Partner in the ministry of healing.

And he sent them forth to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick (Luke 9:2).

Chaz University

Chaz University has made significant progress in infrastructure and core-curricula development and set-up the main campus in Olympia Township while other university facilities are at the CHAZ Mission Complex off Great East Road.  The indicators are positive assuring a significant potential for success in higher education business. CHAZ is now stronger and on a firmer trajectory than before to ensure the University Project succeeds.


CHAZ has presence all-over the country and will use the Mission places as centres of information dissemination to reach many people with higher education services.  The Nurse Training schools are already equipped with infrastructure and human resource which will be leveraged by students from remote places without necessarily travelling to Lusaka.  The human resource in the several nurse training schools will be oriented to supervising Chaz university students during tutorials and practical sessions.

Chaz's Functions

  1. To provide an education atuniversity level; conduct examinations and award degrees and other qualifications
  2. To provide facilities for, and encourage, study and research
  3. To encourage the advancement and development of knowledge, and its application to government, industry, commerce, and the community
  4. To offer an opportunity to acquire University education to all citizens who meet the entry/acceptance standards
  5. To accept gifts of money, land or other property on the trusts and conditions, if any, not in conflict with the University Act of the HEA

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading training institution for health professionals in Zambia and SSA

Our Mission

Our mission is to sustainably address skill gaps in the Health Sector through Higher Education and Training

Our Focus Area

  • Our future strategy is focussed on addressing the top priority health worker skill gaps in the market
  • Our initial focus is on addressing a critical market need for Health Administrators and specific short courses addressing unique skill gaps

Structure of the University

The Chaz University, a university committed to providing quality and affordable education on an open distance learning comprises academic departments, administrative departments, and a library. The CU is self-governing and financially independent institution whose establishment is informed by research and further anchored on CHAZ experience of dealing with orphans and vulnerable children and the difficulties they have had to access higher education.  The CU has campuses in Olympia and Off Great East Road adjacent to Meanwood Estates.  The Olympia Campus boosts of hostels and lecture hall while the Meanwood Campus hall accommodates between 200-300 students.

Our Value Propositions

  1. Relevant – Our courses are targeted to areas with the greatest health need
  2. Flexible – Students can start building a career whilst studying and courses offer practical experience
  3. Credible – Bring best teachers and knowledge from all over the world to CU
  4. Affordable – We offer an affordable credit payment system as well as partnerships

Academic divisions and departments

Currently the University’s academic departments, faculties and research centres are grouped into the following two divisions:

  1. Health Sciences
  2. Social Sciences

The departments and faculties are spread across the City of Lusaka but ultimately will be housed in one place at Chaz University (CU) Olympia Campus and the CHAZ Complex situated on Mission Drive CHAZ Complex, Plot # 2882/B/5/10, Off Great East Road. The CU mode of study is Dual (residential and open distance learning) enabling the university provide university education to those who wish to study part-time or online.

The Chaz University VOICE

The CU VOICE elucidates the University Vision, Mission, and Values.

Chaz's Community

The CU has over 70 faculty members, who are consistently involved in teaching, research, policy making and institution building. They are supported by technical and administrative staff members and expected to reach out to more than 250 postgraduate and 600 undergraduate students in the first year of operations. The CU community encompasses an extensive network of partners, the Church in Zambia, academicians and researchers, and cooperating partners.

Chaz's Campuses & Programmes

The CU has two campuses: the CHAZ Mission Complex situated off Great East Road and the campus in Olympia township.  Currently, the CU hosts 2 Schools and an Executive Education Centre, the Chaz Executive Education Centre (CEEC) will anchor short profession courses.

The following facilities are available on campus

  1. Kitchen facilities (micro-wave cookers and refrigerators)
  2. Wireless Internet and Cable TV
  3. Printing press
  4. Sufficient washrooms