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Human Resource Management

At the Chaz University, our human resource management course seeks to transform the student outlook on how society’s resources (we examine the 5Ms: Machinery, Materials, Moments. Money and Human Resources formerly called Manpower) are managed by engaging with our conscientiously prepared academic modules. Our program examines the relationship between employer and employee to expose the student to the realities of managerial experience in both public and private sectors, the application of theory for the solution of management problems. This HR program facilitates the acquisition of a wide range of critical and analytical thinking skills. 

The entry requirements for this degree program are:

  1. Full grade twelve certificate (English, Maths, and any other three subjects) with credit or better.
  2. Completed A Levels
  3. Equivalent business-related qualification (Diploma in human resources, business administration, or business management).
  4. Bachelor’s degree in any related field of business studies.
  5. Exceptional consideration for In-service staff: those in service who have done a diploma in business studies. These cadres have a business background, and most of the courses that are covered in the first year first semester and first year second semester were covered during their diploma level.


If you’re looking for a human resource management course that seeks to transform your outlook on how society’s resources are managed, this is the best degree for you.

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Why Study Here?

CHAZ has presence all-over the country and will use the Mission places as centres of information dissemination to reach many people with higher education services.  The Nurse Training schools are already equipped with infrastructure and human resource which will be leveraged by students from remote places without necessarily travelling to Lusaka.  The human resource in the several nurse training schools will be oriented to supervising Chaz university students during tutorials and practical sessions.

Our mission is to sustainably address skill gaps in the Health Sector through Higher Education and Training